Marie Izmirlian Orphanage has overcome COVID 19 with the support of Izmirlian Foundation

Children and staff at Marie Izmirlian Orphanage SNCO have overcome COVID 19, as reported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

  • July 24, 2020
  • IF Press
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On June 08, 2020, there were 13 confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Marie Izmirlian Orphanage, of which 4 staff members and 9 children. Arabkir Medical Center, as the main medical institution for child and adolescence health, took over the responsibility for supporting the medical needs of Marie Izmirlian Orphanage children and staff, given the high proportion of children with severe disabilities in the institution. 

The Izmirlian Foundation supported the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the specialists from Arabkir Medical Center by providing COVID 19 related medical and prevention goods and services.

Within the framework of the project on “Provision of COVID 19 related medical and prevention services at Marie Izmirlian Orphanage” the Izmirlian Foundation supported 102 children and 123 staff members at Marie Izmirlian Orphanage. The indirect beneficiaries of the project are the families of MIO staff members.

It is worth highlighting that due to the joint efforts of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Arabkir Medical Center and the Izmirlian Foundation the infected children and staff members fully recovered from COVID 19 and the further transmission of the virus in MIO was successfully prevented.