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Projects currently undertaken by The Izmirlian Foundation

Medical Centre in Yerevan

Largest philanthropic healthcare investment project in Yerevan providing quality medical service

Revival of Meghri Poqr Tagh

Fostering ethno-cultural hospitality and transforming the area into an international centre of ethnic hospitality

Marie Izmirlian Orphanage

Activities aimed at improving living conditions, educational and other needs of the children


Granting fellowships to potential Impact Hub Yerevan members to empower innovation

YSU Library

Recognizing the role of academic institutions in supporting development agendas for countries

School in Artsakh

Ongoing support for technical needs of school along with funding of schools maintenance costs

Healthcare Support

Free medical support to vulnerable groups of Syrian Armenians settled in different parts of the country

Medical Support to Disabled Soldiers

Medical support to persons discharged from military service due to injury or health problems acquired during the military service

Support to Graduates of Marie Izmirlian Orphanage

Reunified families, improved living standards and economic opportunities among graduates of Marie Izmirlian Orphanage

Special Parents for Special Kids

Improved quality of life for children with disabilities, enhanced economic opportunities for social enterprises and beneficiary families

Emergency response for wounded military personnel

Enhancing timely and free-of charge access to quality medical services for wounded military personnel

“Guyqadaran” Special Equipment Library

Establishment of a repository of therapeutic equipment and positioning devices at Arbes Center along with trainings in their use.

Hand in Hand – Phase 2

Provision of a paper cutting and printing machinery to the social enterprise of Step Forward NGO and provision of trainings to autistic youth.

Discovering the Professional Potential of War Participants

Capacity development of war veterans who became disabled in consequence of the 44-day war, and creation of employment opportunities for them.

Modernizing Vocational Education and Training in Agriculture in Armenia 2022-2025 - MAVETA

CHF 8.3 mln. for professional education in agriculture in Armenia: Switzerland joins forces with Austria and Germany

Community Small Group Homes named after Alice Dumoulin Izmirlian

Supporting Graduates of Population Social Protection Institutions

Provision of care for children with cancer – Phase 2

Equal access to best available cancer treatment and care in Armenia for children with low socioeconomic status diagnosed with cancer

Boarding education for students from bordering communities

Access to competitive education for high school students with high academic potential having no access to quality education