The Izmirlian Foundation continues its support to persons affected by the war in Artsakh

Supporting winterization of vulnerable persons displaced from Artsakh and within Artsakh

  • February 05, 2021
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The Izmirlian Foundation in cooperation with the Armenian Red Cross Society will support winterization of vulnerable persons displaced from Artsakh. A total of 1850 displaced persons sheltered in transitional houses across Armenia will be provided with food items. 

The Izmirlian Foundation is also simultaneously pursuing another project in our “Emergency Responses for Families Displaced from Artsakh” initiative, this latest one alongside the Tufenkian Foundation to join efforts scaling up winterization support for persons affected by the war who have returned to Herher, Dzovategh and Kherkhan villages in the Martuni region of Artsakh by contributing to their food security for an additional two-month period. Due to the project, a total of 168 vulnerable families will be provided winterization support through access to safe and nutritious food.

These new initiatives are the continuation of the previous efforts of Izmirlian Foundation to provide assistance to Artsakh and to vulnerable people affected by the recent war.