Results and achievements of Izmirlian Foundation financed projects during 2020

Key Results of 2020

  • February 16, 2021
  • IF Press
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The strategic objective of the Izmirlian Foundation is to enhance sustainable development of Armenia by implementing diverse initiatives in the areas of education, healthcare, economic development, social welfare, humanitarian aid, innovation, preservation of Armenian cultural heritage, to achieve its mission of “helping to preserve a nation”.

Numerous short and long-term benefits were extended to beneficiaries through projects implemented by the Izmirlian Foundation in 2020. These include improved food security, health, knowledge and skills, access to education, improved sanitation, hygiene and wellness, prevention of COVID-19 transmission and cure, economic opportunities, and more.

In total, 34,533 persons have directly benefited from the projects implemented by the Izmirlian Foundation in 2020, with indirect beneficiaries comprising a minimum of another 19,500 persons. Hence, philanthropic assistance was extended to a total of approximately 54,000 people.

The key results and achievements of IF financed projects in education, health, social welfare and other areas include the following:

 Health Sector

Improved health among 75 Syrian/Lebanese Armenians (though the entire course of the project now around 800 beneficiaries) and 24 wounded soldiers through provision of health care services at the Izmirlian Medical Centre.

Over 2,000 front-line medical workers benefited from provision of COVID-19 related PPE (“personal protective equipment”) in partnership with the UN World Food Programme, AGBU, Gulbenkian Foundation and other partners.

COVID cure and prevention enabled for 150 children and personnel at Marie Izmirlian Orphanage in partnership with the Arabkir Foundation.

 Education & Innovation

Enhanced hygiene, sanitation and health environment in rural schools of Armenia for 523 school children and teachers through substantive reconstruction of sanitation and sport facilities of schools.

Improved knowledge of WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, including wellness) among 1880 people through provision of respective trainings and development and dissemination of relevant knowledge products in partnership with My Step Foundation.

Improved education among 615 schoolers of bordering and remote communities of Armenia and Artsakh through educational projects in partnership with TUMO and Teach for Armenia. 

Improved access to school education and better social life enabled for over 30 children with disabilities at Marie Izmirlian Orphanage by providing special transportation means.

Access to education (pre-school, school) enabled for 194 children in Armenia and Artsakh by supporting the construction/rehabilitation of social infrastructure in partnership with the Governments of Artsakh and Armenia.  

28 participants in national and international competitions among 400 piano students by the provision of a performance grade grand piano to the Spendiaryan Music School

Five operational start-ups through provision of fellowship opportunities at Impact Hub aimed at fostering their knowledge and skills, providing mentoring, networking opportunities as well as resources necessary to push their projects from idea to implementation to impact.

 Humanitarian Assistance

Improved food security and availability of hygiene items for 28,612 people by providing humanitarian/emergency food supply and hygiene items in partnership with The Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the Armenian Red Cross Society, World Vision Armenia and the Halo Trust.

Mine clearance of 42 thousand square meters of land in Artsakh in partnership with the Halo Trust.

In addition to the above, IF has donated USD $500,000 to “Hayastan All-Armenian Fund” (“HAAF”) for provision of humanitarian assistance to Armenia and Artsakh as part of HAAF’s global appeal initiative.