Children from bordering villages at Tumo Summer Camp

Tumo Summer Camp kicked off on June 10. Izmirlian Foundation sponsors the participation of children from bordering communities in the camp this year.

  • June 11, 2019
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What is Tumo Summer Camp?

The first group of children arrives in Tumo at 9 AM. The schedule is tight, so every minute counts. They will learn in the coming one week to combine technologies and art, get started with robotics, develop video games and animation films.

“We would like to assure that our coaches will be with the children from 9 AM., ready to help and coach them,” Camp Coordinator Sirvard Atanesyan said addressing children and parents.

Camp is an opportunity

40 teenagers, who have never been to Tumo, participate in the first round announced for Tumo summer camp.

“The most important goal of this program is introducing Tumo to children. The program lasts 1-8 weeks, and the participants have a chance to learn, find new friends and spend good time. I am convinced that they will leave the camp with great mood,” Sirvard said.

The participants were selected based on motivation letters. In addition to the best content, the preference was given to authors aged 13-16.

The camp agenda has been developed in advance. The children will have breakfast at Tumo every morning, and then participate in classes of selected topics, have a city tour in Yerevan, visit Etchmiadzin, Garni, Geghard, and play sports.

Some participants will live with families, others will stay at hostels. They will be taken to and leave Tumo on special buses.

Children from bordering communities are here

“The children came from Atcharkut, Kirants, Nerkin Tsaghkavan, Verin Tsaghkavan, Voskepar, Kayan, Azatamut, Ditavan, Varagavan,” said Izmirlian Foundation Country Director Lusine Galajyan.

20 participants got the opportunity to visit Tumo thanks to the support of Izmirlian Foundation. The total budget of the project is AMD equivalent of USD 10k, which is AMD 240k per child.

“The only precondition was ensuring participation of children from bordering communities, who have not had any opportunity to come to Tumo and participate in the camp. Many teenagers from diaspora participate in the camp, and this communication is yet another chance to learn from each other. Children will travel in Yerevan and throughout Armenia, which is very important in terms of current limited cultural and educational opportunities for children from bordering communities,” Lusine Galajyan said.

700 children from 25 countries have participated in Tumo Summer Camp over the past four years. The camp is expected to host around 400 teenagers this year.