Meghri Project

Since 2004

Revival of Meghri Poqr Tagh

Since 2004 the Izmirlian Foundation has been active in the southernmost part of Armenia, the historical town of Meghri, once positioned on the ancient Silk Road.

From 2004-2008 the Foundation commenced implementation of a community development project in Meghri aimed at the restoration and revival of the cultural heritage of the town. Within the framework of the project a house in Meghri’s historic Poqr Tagh (the so-called ‘Lesser District’), dating back to the 19th century was reconstructed and transformed into a guesthouse, with a traditional crafts development project implemented for empowering local women to reinvigorate the rich traditions of southern Armenian national embroidery and carpet weaving.

The program aims to foster ethno-cultural hospitality by reviving the unique buildings of folk architecture of the 19th century and early 20th century and transforming the area into a vibrant center of ethnic hospitality.