Social Welfare

Since 2020

Hand in Hand

The Izmirlian Foundation in line with the government priorities to empower socially vulnerable groups of society and promote the reduction of the use of plastic containers, has launched “Hand in Hand” project within the framework of which a social entrepreneurship will be established where youth with autism spectrum disorder will get involved in production of environmentally friendly products. The project aims to create an inclusive space, taking into consideration all the tactile, sensory and other issues specific to the target group and establish a production line of paper products (paper bags, cardboard cups, cups for cold and hot drinks, ice cream, corn).

“Hand in Hand” will have a significant positive social impact, as it can become a wonderful model of social entrepreneurship where teenagers with disabilities get involved in production by manufacturing goods. The project will contribute to the creation of employment and income opportunities for youth with disabilities, thus enhancing the financial sustainability of their families. Moreover, the social entrepreneurship will enhance the sustainability of Step Forward NGO’s activities by feeding the income generated into the projects implemented by the NGO.

The goal of the project is to empower socially vulnerable groups of society and social enterprises as well as to promote environmentally friendly production.

Donation Agreement was signed between the Izmirlian Foundation and Step Forward Social NGO on July 27, 2020. The project will be implemented by Step Forward Social NGO.

The expected outcomes of the project include:

Enhanced economic opportunities among 16 youth with autism spectrum disorder and improved access to financial resources for Step Forward Social NGO

Enhanced social inclusion and reduction in the use of plastic containers