YSU Library

Since 1996

Marie and Sarkis Izmirlian Library of the Yerevan State University

The Yerevan State University Library, established back in the 1920s and serving a large number of students and researchers during the Soviet era, faced enormous challenges when internationally accepted academic standards became acknowledged in Armenia.

Among the first big initiatives implemented by the Izmirlian Foundation in Armenia was the support to the Yerevan State University Library in its technical and content enhancement. In 1996 the Foundation played a crucial role in the reconstruction and technical upgrade of the library building, which was later named in memory of Marie and Sarkis Izmirlian. To mitigate the maintenance costs of the library, the Foundation has also created a special fund that supports the ongoing needs of the library such as cataloguing library resources and upgrading the library server.

Recognizing the role and capacity of academic institutions in supporting development agendas for countries in transition, the Foundation continues its patronage of the library in identifying and supporting its current needs.