Since 2020

Dikran Izmirlian School in Chldran

The Izmirlian Foundation, in line with its strategy to support education in Armenia and Artsakh, is launching the project on “Rehabilitation and Enlargement of Dikran Izmirlian School in Chldran Community of Artsakh” aiming to improve the community school infrastructure creating a safe, healthy and attractive environment for schoolers and teachers.  The school is currently in need of substantive renovation and expansion since its premises are in poor physical condition and have limited physical capacity to offer adequate and appropriate instructional space.

The goal of the project is to improve access to education and enhance the quality of teaching and learning environment in conflict affected areas.

A Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Izmirlian Foundation, the Government of the Republic of Artsakh and "Hayastan" All Armenian Fund. The project is 50% co-funded by the Government of Artsakh and will be implemented by “Hayastan” All Armenian Fund.

The main outcomes of the project include:

* Safe, healthy and durable school infrastructure

* Improved student attendance and performance

In 2002, the school was constructed through the financial support of the Izmirlian Foundation. The village suffered greatly during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the former building of the school was completely destroyed. Through the financial support of the Foundation the school now hosts over a hundred students The Izmirlian Foundation has continuously supported the ongoing technical needs of the school by providing computers and equipment along with funding the school’s maintenance costs.